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Tiling Walls and Floor Tiles

Tiles can be an invaluable part of interior and exterior home décor plans. Tiling can create a beautiful air around the house in addition to helping cut overall costs substantially. Tiles are usually used on floors, walls and ceilings even though ceiling tiling is not as widely used. The type of tile used depends on the area of the house it is meant for. For instance, bathroom and kitchen tiles are vastly different from ties meant for the porch. Tiles can be classified based on the material they are made from - that is stone, ceramic/porcelain, rubber, terracotta, vinyl, mosaic, quarry tiles and glass tiles.

  • Ceramic - Ceramic tiles are among the more popular alternatives when it comes to tiling. The tile is made from clay, sand, shale and gypsum, which are ground and mixed before they are shaped into the desired form and heated in a kiln. The popularity of ceramic tiles is derived to their relatively low cost, the number of designs one can choose from and the visually attractive glazed finish.
  • Porcelain - Porcelain tiles are manufactured in a similar fashion as ceramic tiles with the main difference being the glaze applied on all sides of the tile. This makes them one of the most water resistant tiles one can go for. But their near perfect mix of resistance to water and breakage also makes these one of the costliest tiles.
  • Stone - These are made from granite or marble and are very popular in kitchens. Granite tiles however crack easily and thus need to be sealed and regularly polished. Marble on the other hand is easily scratched and cannot withstand high temperatures. The natural colors, shapes and textures that are not easily replicated on machine made tiles (such as ceramic or porcelain tiles) makes stone tiling ideal for those looking for an authentic look.
  • Rubber - Rubber tiles are made from recycled rubber. Their use is ordinarily restricted to garages and basements where rugged tiles are preferred to visually attractive ones. That said, rubber tiles come in many different colors that one can choose from. Rubber tiles are cheap but their appearance means they cannot be used in the living room, kitchen or bedroom.
  • Vinyl - Vinyl tiles can be formed to resemble wood or stone. Vinyl tiles are light and so they are installed using adhesives to hold them in place. If you are looking for an elegant look that resembles polished wood but without incurring the high cost of using real wood, then vinyl tilesmight be just what you need.
  • Glass - Glass tiles are made from recycled glass and can be made to resemble bricks or fitted to create a mosaic. Glass tiling is best suited for walls to bring out an artistic finish. But they can also be used for part of a room's floor as a centre piece of sorts.